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Minutemen - Project Mersh; SST Records 034 -1985
Minutemen - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat; SST Records 016 - 1983
D. Boon - D. Boon & Friends; Box-O-Plenty Records 001 - 2003
Mike Watt - Stomp; Die Kreuzen Compilation Record - 2001
Tragicomedy - Homage to Nada; New Alliance Records 01 - 1983
Invisible Chains - Invisible Chains; New Alliance Records 021 1986
Another Umbrella - Fractalidescope; Fractal Vision Videos - 1989
Kangaroo Court - Path to Reason; Cosmic Joke Records - 1987
The Rub - Day Off from Karma; Happy Squid Records 019 -1999
Dick Edgemont - Explode on the Scene
Euphoria's Destination Records 001 - 2004

Played in, recorded with, played/jammed with…

The Minutemen, Wasted Space, Tragicomedy, Invisible Chains, Another Umbrella, Cosmic Joke (D. Boon), Fo Fum (Mike Watt), Kangaroo Court, Symbolic Romance, The Rub, Patrick Moraz (Keyboardist of the Moody Blues and YES), Charlie Haden (Jazz Bassist), Hammer Down, Stove Top (Black Flag members), Vida (George Hurley), Super Session (Raymond Pettibon), The Runkis (KXLU 88.9), Carnival Jones, Mandible Orchestra, Dick Edgemont (Crane) and the Explosion


The following songs were played on

"The Watt from Pedro Show."

“One of the best rock shows on the internet.” - Rolling Stone Magazine

Mike Watt - "I always considered Crane to be like the 4th Minuteman."

Wake Up The Neighbors! (Hip Hop) 3-16-20

Take Me With You  (Country Pop) 6-9-19

No Man's Land (Outlaw Rock) 5-9-19

Someone Who Isn’t You (Heartbreak Pop) 2-19-20

Shadows (Nature Pop) 3-16-20

The Rebirth of Mother Gaia (R&B Electronica) 4-8-20

This Is Not Our Home (Cow Punk) 7-7-20

A Place With No Time (Spiritual Pop) (Nashville Demo Recording) 11-21-19


Eventide (Ethereal Soundtrack) 2-12-20

Crane Interviewed by Mike Watt on “The Watt from Pedro Show” 8-10-20

“The American Connection Country Music Radio Show
with legendary Country DJ Brian Clough (3/6/19)
“Take Me With You” (Nashville Demo Recording) my Country/Americana song

“Sal Mineo Rub-a-Dub” - Invisible Chains
I wrote and played the trumpet and trombone parts on this song for the L.A. progressive rock group Invisible Chains who I was a member of. This is from our album “Invisible Chains” on New Alliance Records.

“Everyone Was There” - Cosmic Joke
Live Party Improv Jam - San Pedro, CA (1985)

D. Boon - Guitar, R. Derrick - Drums, Crane - Bass

from the CD "D. Boon & Friends"

"Happy End" - Tragicomedy

Crane (Writer, Singer and Bass)

Maestro Joseph Valenti of the Peninsula Symphony who studied with the world renown trumpeter Rafael Mendez.

Southern California's Youth Orchestra, High School, Junior High

The Wishing Tree, A Cowboy's Christmas, Halloween Follies, Gulliver's Travels, Love's Adventure

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