Richard Alan Krieger is a songwriter, musician,

artist and author

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Richard Alan Krieger (aka "Crane") was the lead singer/bassist/writer of the L.A. rock band Tragicomedy in the 80’s. The group recorded the album “Homage to Nada” on New Alliance Records.

He played trumpet and sang back-up vocals with the iconic rock band the Minutemen and jammed on bass with D. Boon of that group in an improv band called Cosmic Joke.


He also played in a conceptual art band with multi-instrumentalist and producer Richard Derrick called Another Umbrella.


His book “Civilizations Quotations: Life’s Ideal” is a “Personal Empowerment Book” that helps to create a happy life by building a spiritual and philosophical foundation from the greatest writings by the greatest teachers of all time with their timeless wisdom.