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14 New Music Videos from
Top L.A. Rock Musicians

LOTERIA - A Unique Compilation For 2021
Double Album Release February 2022

LOTERIA is a unique compilation album featuring 55 musicians, who allowed themselves to be placed at random into 14 brand new bands, given the task to create original music. These recordings and music videos were produced in early 2021, largely during lockdown by people with home studios, collaborating by any means available.

Here's the new music video I'm in with Mike Watt.
My two acting roles are inspired by the legend of "The Hopi Rock Prophecy."
One character is following the “Path of Technology” to the extreme that leads to a “Destructive Future.”
The other character is someone following the “Path of Nature” that leads to a “Peaceful Future.”

Note: The “Hopi Rock Prophecy” doesn’t teach the view that no modern technology should be used today or the Native American Hopi Tribe would have done so like the lifestyle of the Amish people.

What it does teach us is to avoid the extremism of being addicted to a technology that is worshipped to the point of becoming a “Technocracy” where nature is totally neglected and or destroyed.


Video Outtakes

Loteria I
Memorial Concert for Richard Derrick
with the band “Return to Whatever”
Cafe NELA (“North East Los Angeles”) 6-28-19
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