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  The Beach Boys Concert  

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As The Beach Boys mark more than a half century of making music, the group continues to ride the crest of a wave unequalled in America’s musical history. The Beach Boys – who have become synonymous with the California lifestyle and an American icon, are bringing their “Sixty Years of the Sounds of Summer” tour to fans around the world.


Filmed at the “Festival at Sandpoint” concert in Sandpoint, Idaho on August 4, 2022.

 Note: Some songs are partially recorded. To hear the full version of those songs, go to the section at the end to hear  the original recordings with the original band members.


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 Darlin' Live @ "Festival at Sandpoint 
 Note: The audio is good but the video was removed due to poor quality. 

 Note: The following 2 videos load slowly due to being large.

 Note: These last 2 videos are very slow to load due to being large files. But they are  worth it because it's the "Grand Finale" of the concert.

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Set List
with the Original Recordings
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